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    Tadashi Shoji Blog

    Neoprene: Making a Splash in Fashion

    If you want to know what one of the trends are in the fashion world, you don’t have to look further than your local surf shop. Neoprene, also known as scuba fabric, is transitioning from water sports to ready-to-wear. Because of its moldable quality, the design options are virtually endless. On top of that, and a dream in the fashion realm, neoprene is wrinkle free.

    The neoprene material tends to add a sophisticated structure to dresses, rather than draping the body’s form in a more flowing or cascading manner. The dresses still accentuate the female body and her curves, but in a sculpted yet futuristically fashion forward way.

    Tadashi Shoji’s Pre-Fall collection embraces this popular trend, but takes it to another level with lace overlays, laser cutting, pintucking. While many neoprene designs are made solely from scuba, Tadashi Shoji chose to embellish and beautify the material with his signature techniques. The lace offers the soft neoprene fabric a complementary contrast, adding a sophistication and delicateness to the look. The laser-cutting takes precise carvings out of the cloth, leaving a decorative pattern that’s refined, yet fun. When it comes to the pintucking, this technique brings an extra dimension to the equation. The same structure becomes almost three-dimensional with the tucking of multiple layers over the neoprene.

    So whether you think neoprene is fit for your next vacation excursion, or your next formal reception, it’s become a staple textile in the current fashion collections. The design offers structure and sophistication yet makes room for fun and variety. Who would have known scuba would look so good sans surfboard?