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    Tadashi Shoji Blog

    Stylist Tips: Mother of the Bride Fashion

    For the mother of the bride (and groom), this is her big night too! She’s going to be glowing on the inside, so why not shine on the outside? She should ultimately find a dress that she feels confident and comfortable in, which is why Tadashi Shoji should be a go-to for every MOB. Tadashi offers a silhouette and fit for every body type and always provides the perfect amount of sparkle that makes you feel shiny and beautiful. 




    For some moms that might be a dress with sleeves, a higher neckline or a particular color – she should accentuate her best assets without being too over the top. I usually suggest that mothers of the bride and groom wear similar colors to the wedding party because after all, they are part of the wedding party…and it’s a nice (and easy) way of making them feel included!  I wouldn’t recommend the MOB and MOG be an exact match to the bridesmaids or to each other, but it’s a good idea to stay in the same tone or palette.


    You can also use the bridesmaid’s dresses as a guide and pick a lighter or darker shade of that color. For instance, if the bridesmaids wear rose, stick with warm colors like peach or gold, but if they wear navy, stick with cooler colors like blue-gray or silver.  For my wedding I told the mothers, readers and all of my best friends to dress in blush tones as I knew they would be photographed most and it made for beautiful cohesive photos! 




    I often get asked if black is an appropriate color for mothers to wear. If it’s a formal, evening wedding, why not? Black mother of the bride & groom dresses are very elegant and will photograph nicely alongside men in tuxedos. The best thing about black is there are endless options and a classic hue you will most likely find a reason to wear it again. Black is for the mom that might not like to stand out; it’s understated yet upscale and beautiful. 



    Sometimes the best color is no color at all. So how should one go about picking the best dress? Try on different silhouettes and colors to figure out what works best for your body type and skin tone. Don’t be afraid to go outside of your comfort zone, you might just surprise yourself! 





    Lindsey has dressed an array of celebrities for red carpet and editorial spreads.  Super feminine, playful and sophisticated; clients are immediately drawn to the world that she creates.  She believes her clients should feel like an elevated version of themselves.