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    Tadashi Shoji Blog

    The Inspiration Behind Pre-Fall 2018

    Awakened, the haze lifts leaving you to wonder, was this mystical destination all a dream?

    A wind gust stirs the golden dust of the city, veiling all in mystery and allure. Flowering mandala-like vines grow wild around the ornate plaza.Meandering down a narrow sandstone street, women swathed in brilliant textiles pass by, balancing baskets brimming with root powders and pungent spices atop their heads. You watch with shining eyes.

    Smoke wafting from smoldering incense clusters beckons to you from within a sanctuary unknown. You walk beneath scalloped arches and beside intricately carved pillars seeking mystical splendor. The temple’s vaulted dome shimmers with jeweled mosaics. Gemstones deflect streams of light with iridescent flashes of garnet and labradorite, gold and coppery red. 

    Hauntingly beautiful music fills your ears. 
    Musky and sweet scents permeate the air. 
    Spellbound, you dance in desire. Your soul ignited.

    You gaze up at the starry depths of the Eastern sky in an ancient city that has endured the test of time. A world traveler, you pursue sacred mysteries and sensorium-filled journeys. Visions weave together like glittering strands of a cosmic web. 

    See the world beautiful.