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    Tadashi Shoji Blog

    The Inspiration Behind Spring 2021

    On the cusp of Spring is the promise of rebirth—and not a moment too soon. While our world grew heavy with hardship, our future grew grim and bleak. But Spring brings new beginnings. Winter does not last forever, she reminds us. There are flowers in the snowmelt; there is sunshine after the storm. The Spring 2021 collection is inspired by rebirth, for after a season of darkness, life blossoms once again. 

    There is reason to celebrate, in the birdsong, in the sweet scent of orange blossom, in the dancing prisms when the sun shines through a window. These things, observed in an unhurried pace, inspire us to appreciate the detail, the particular, the sometimes unseen but always felt. It’s the subtlety of cut, or the inner lining tailored to fit. Not to be overlooked are the gifts she shares with all—a single flower’s beauty, a tree laden with fruit, hope for the future, warmth from the cold. For before there was Winter, but now there is Spring.

    Spring brings joy and buds bursting into bloom. Her understory palette is lush and bright and shimmering as if fed by fog and mist and sunlight itself. But Spring is not a pushover. She is powerful and strong. Watch her stretch the daylight or make waterfalls swell.

    Her style is easy-to-wear. Graceful shapes move with an effortlessness like Magritte clouds floating across a powder blue sky. Flowy A-lines and swept-silhouettes are feminine and soft for slow-speed occasions set outside. The season of Spring is the greatest host.

    Spring 2021’s rebirth launches new days and new beginnings. Seek joy. Find love. Give love. Laugh from the heart. Hold hope firmly. It’s a touchable dream, waiting to be discovered, ready to bloom.