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    Tadashi Shoji Blog

    The Inspiration Behind Spring/Summer 2020

    Spring 2020 is inspired by Once Upon a Time in… Japan. It’s a collection that plays between residing in fantasy while staying grounded in the real world, with pieces that focus on quiet luxury and cultural richness. Intricacy and refinement cultivate a deeper understanding of past and future, where new perspectives honor tradition and beauty transcends. 

    It’s a season inspired by rediscovering heritage. Lacquerware’s decorative motifs inspire intricate embroideries and lacquer-like sheens. The works of Ukiyo-e artists, Hokusai and Utamaro, are referenced in print and silhouette alike, where fluid draping and graceful shapes pair with obi-inspired knotting. 

    It’s a season inspired by expanding appreciation through beauty; by the elegance of Ikebana with bright, blossoming flowers, and by a wander through a Japanese garden, where chrysanthemums sparkle and peonies bloom.

    It’s a season inspired by the feeling of enchantment when time and place define an everlasting moment. It’s an exciting conversation with a rider on the train who makes you think different. It’s the sensation of moving with elegance dressed in a Watteau gown, and it’s the flutter of emotion while watching cherry blossoms fall.

    Once Upon a Time… in Japan, where what if comes true.